"Fish&Chips" Collection


The puffer fish is quite skittish and feels threatened by almost any stimulus. So it fills up afterwards and becomes highly dangerous. This is how many human beings behave, as we are afraid. Instead of expressing our vulnerability, we "swell up" metaphorically speaking, we show ourselves bigger, more powerful than we are to defend ourselves from a potential threat and we threaten our image to others.

"Fish&Chips" Collection


Inspired by my last house in Buenos Aires, before emigrating to Madrid, where I did have some large palm trees that we planted with my wife in our first house and when we moved we transplanted them. At first, as happens to us humans, they were disconcerted by the new terrain, it was difficult for them to grow and it seemed that they were going to die, but little by little they recovered from the change and began to absorb the new breezes and humidity from Tigre, the old port of city fruit trade. After the change, many leaves of the palm trees fell and with them I designed this unique piece of art.

caribbean collection

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